How To Make Your College Application Essay Deeper And More Interesting

28 Jan 2016


People like stories from real life, and those stories can be used for writing good essays. They show real examples of how somebody solved a problem or a conflict.

After you’ve written such a story, you can begin analyzing it. Ask the questions – What, Why, When, and answer of them. It helps you understand the process of writing good and deep essays. It also shows your way of thinking.

Your narrative essay must contain an interesting story. But it also must explain why the topic and the subject of an essay matters to you.

You can start an essay from an anecdote or a little story, they help involve the reader and make him or her read further. Then explain why you told this story and what you learned from it. You can explain your own position and opinion about the story. A deep essay contains thoughts.

Here are some lines which may help you to easily jump from the story to its explanation:

  • Now I realize…
  • When I remember those events again, I think that…
  • Now I understand that…
  • It changed me…

You can find more good lines for your essays. They help you explain what your story means.

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