How To Choose A College Essay Topic And Wow Your Teacher

08 Jun 2019

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An essay is one of the most used assignments in the university field. Teachers tend to demand this type of work as a way to measure a student’s knowledge on a subject, research and analysis capabilities, and also their level of writing. For students, the process of conducting an essay can be complex and exhausting, because due to its structure, this work requires organization and hard work.

One of the most difficult instances of this academic work is choosing a topic. An appropriate college essay topic is a key point if you want to do quality work. So we bring you some tips to achieve it. If you are not comfortable with the topics for college essays, the process will be tedious and not make us shine as students. In addition, we run the risk of not completing the essay not having enough inspiration and drive to follow through.

On the other hand, having an adequate topic and interesting college essay ideas, will be an impulse to work harder and give the best of yourself. Ideally, each student should analyze the topics that he or she likes the most, study the possibilities of each one and take a few weeks to reflect on the pros and cons of each one.

What Makes a Great College Essay?

In order to come up with the perfect essay, here are tips on how to write a college essay.

  1. It must be interesting

While you have to consult resources, it is important that the subject you choose is of interest to you so that you can dedicate yourself to researching it without getting bored. An interesting topic will also contribute to the essay.

  1. It must possess sufficient sources of research

You will not be able to investigate a topic of which lacks previous investigation. You need a good amount of material to elaborate your essay and create quality work with academic support.

  1. It must be according to your tastes and strengths

The subject you choose for your essay should not only be to your taste but also align to your strengths and abilities. In this way, preparation will be much simpler, and you can improve your skills in the process.

  1. Put your knowledge to the test

One of the main purposes of college essays is to test a students’ knowledge in a subject, and this is the best way to wow your teacher. Everything from choosing essay topic to ideas for essays, content and formatting styles.

  1. A careful review

An essay is never complete – and should be checked for reviews. In this case, the best results are achieved when you give it to someone to review or wait for some time to review it yourself.

What Should I Write My College Essay About?

What you should write about depends on the type of essay. Nevertheless, you can follow these college essay tips on what to write about.

  1. Have you ever been at the receiving end of an unfair occurrence? You can write on how you handled such a situation.
  2. Using your own conjecture, write about the world around you, or how you see the world
  3. How about something you have done that influenced another person’s life?
  4. You can write about your high school or college. What they do well and what they could improve on.
  5. You can write on your own personal accomplishments.
  6. You can also write on your favorite book, or author.
  7. If you didn’t attend university, where would you find yourself in life?

The above are some college essay inspirations and some unique essay topics you can write on.

How To Generate Ideas Of College Essay Topics

How do I generate ideas to write my college essays? To generate ideas for college essays, follow these common brainstorming techniques:

Word Storm

Wordstorming is a brainstorming technique which involves creating a vivid map associating words which are close together in meaning.

Pros and Cons

Another way to come up with creative college essays is through the pros and cons technique. This can be effective in comparison essays.

What If…

It’s alright to assume a possible event. It helps to visualize different scenarios. An example could be: what if you woke up and found out life was a dream? What if you became the President of the United States of America?

Mind Mapping

Mind-mapping involves using a diagram to represent ideas, words, or tasks, which are linked to a central essay idea or keyword. You do not have to bother about the organization of the diagram. The proposed topic, keyword, or idea is drawn out in a center circle or box, and relating concepts are linked to it.

College Essay Ideas Evaluation

Here are some foolproof methods to evaluate essay topic ideas and to up with one:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Free-writing from the stream of your consciousness
  3. Your personal story
  4. Going through what is in your notebook
  5. Choose a generic topic

How To Turn An Idea Into Writing

  1. Determine the main idea of your essay. The essay idea comes first, even before visualizing what the topic could be.
  2. Make an outline. Your outline involves writing or brainstorming the preliminary plan for the essay.
  3. Write the first draft. Your first draft is an earlier version of your essay. It is the initial writing which comes freely from your stream of thoughts.
  4. Polish your draft. After penning down your first draft, the next step is to rewrite it properly and ensure it is well written and structured according to the recommended style.
  5. How to revise an essay? After the drafting and rewriting stage, you have to revise the essay and ensure your plans are well laid out. The best way to revise an essay is to give it to someone. If this option isn’t possible, then you need to take some time away from it before attempting the revision.

Some Tips For Choosing An Essay Topic

For Admission Essay Topics

For college application essay topics, here are some tips

  1. Be unique
  2. Focus on yourself
  3. Scan through past experiences
  4. Trust your instincts
  5. Use imagery
  6. Be a storyteller

For Creative Essay Topics

  1. Start with a bang
  2. Grab the readers attention
  3. Infuse literary expressions
  4. Give details
  5. Edit extensively

For Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Ensure clarity of words
  2. Use simple words.
  3. Use the first person pronoun.
  4. Don’t describe all movements.

For Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Have an outline
  2. Use pros and cons
  3. Do extensive research
  4. Brainstorm differences and similarities
  5. Use examples

Tips For Scholarship Essay Topics

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Go through the instructions and follow it
  3. Research your audience
  4. Infuse emotions
  5. Choose topics you have a passion in

Tips For Personal Essay Topics

  1. Be creative
  2. Be thoughtful
  3. Use literary words
  4. Use the first person pronoun
  5. Ask someone who knows you
  6. Read it aloud

20 Best College Essay Topics

Having gone through the basics of choosing interesting college essay topics, if you still want generic or already prepared topics, you can choose from a list of interesting college essay topics online. To save time and effort, here are some of the best college topics. These most common college essay topics come from ideas in different fields. Check them out:

Topics For An Essay On Education

  1. Importance of renewing educational models
  2. Topics for an essay on social networks
  3. The role of technology in the classroom
  4. The use of telephones in classes. Pros and cons
  5. Ideas to encourage reading in class

Topics For A Sports Essay

  1. The real relationship between food, fitness, and weight
  2. What are the negative effects of diets?
  3. Steroid users should be excluded from team sports.
  4. Is swimming really the best sport?
  5. Hockey and other dangerous sports.

Topics For A Health Essay

  1. The abuse of energy drinks
  2. The problem of sexually transmitted diseases in young people.
  3. Debate on the legality of drugs
  4. The problem of drug use with students
  5. Debate on euthanasia

Topics For An Essay On Social Issues

  1. Most high-level jobs are done by men. Should the government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women?
  2. Debate on the appropriate age for young people to start working
  3. The difficulty of achieving economic independence
  4. Most of the so-called “reality” shows are very artificial and bear little resemblance to real life. Using one or more specific programs for your examples, explain why you agree or disagree with this observation.
  5. Life in the countryside is better than life in the city.

The keys to choosing an essay topic, generating an idea, and writing it requires planning and brainstorming. In this article, we have laid out the essay prompts for colleges as well as ready-made topics. Take inspiration from these, and you’d be one step to acing your essay.

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